Healing Of Sound

~ Better Vibes for Better Living ~

"The crystal bowls are so wonderful! You feel lifted,  levitated, soothed, massaged, bathed." ~ NS

"Went to singing  bowls not knowing what to expect. Totally  awesome, the energy reminded me of acupuncture treatment. I left feeling energized & wondering  when was the next session. Highly recommend this " ~ RJ

“I was profoundly tired and had been so for well over a week.  After you played the bowls I was surprised that I not only had the energy to open my eyes and get up, but felt completely awake, fully energized and actually restored. I even felt that way days later. I'm amazed and grateful!"  ~ MT

“I’ve been experiencing chronic pain for many years, which has intensified over the past 6 months.  During the guided meditation and sound bath, which was a magical and transformative experience, I drifted into a trance-like sleep state fairly quickly.  When I “woke up”  I was pain free! ... and stayed that way for almost 24 hours.  I had forgotten what it was like to be completely pain free.  A priceless treasure. Thank you!”  ~ BC

"I love the singing bowls! And was surprised and happy when the pain and tingling in my shoulder and hand went away after our session. It must be something about the vibrations and tones that helped release what 2 massage treatments and 2 chiropractic treatments had not yet resolved." ~ MP

"I didn't really notice where the singing bowls faded and the silence began. But as I eased back into a state of awareness, I realized the bowls were quiet and it felt like every cell in my body was moving. I was happy to just be there and enjoy that feeling of stillness in action for a few minutes." ~ MT

“Having no expectations, I was surprised to experience many different emotional and physical results on this deep, calming, healing, and energizing journey... First, easier breathing. Then my stiff joints eased and long term knee pain eased. The heat, swelling and constant pain was gone when I got up from a cross-legged sitting position - which is usually next to impossible! Knee felt smaller, and as if cool water were running through.  At one point, it felt like pure energy gently pulling me backward, as if saying 'slow down my child, stay in the moment'. At the end of this beautiful bowl experience I felt more energy and pain relief in my knee than I have felt maybe....ever! ~ KI

"I have heard several people [play singing bowls] and you have a sense of it that is unmatched. It is something about the sounds you choose to put together, ... that taps into my spirit, at least. It is beautiful... beauty opens our spirits, ... erases some of the negative connections. ... and it is what you do with your bowls. So thank you."  ~ GS

“It was so distinct,when I went home, my mind seemed so much clearer.” ~ JM

What People Are Saying About Benefits of Crystal Singing Bowls