Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Quartz crystal singing bowls are a beautiful bridge between ancient mysticism and futuristic healing, by way of the high tech industry.

Made of 99.992% pure quartz crystal, which has a melting point around 4000 degrees, these bowls were first utilized as crucibles for melting metals and for growing high quality silicon chips used in computers and other electronics.

The fact that quartz crystal has the capacity to be
programmed for storing and carrying information and intention, in addition to the realization that these bowls make beautiful and penetrating sound waves, makes them a powerful resource for healing.

High vibration quartz crystal singing bowls are made by artisans, in the way that fine glass is blown into useful and artful configurations.  The healing quality of these unique instruments is sometimes further enhanced or amplified by a coating of pure gold, platinum, or titanium, as well as the heartful intention of the one playing the singing bowl.

It takes only about 90 seconds of “bathing” in these pure tones to quiet the nervous system. And after 30 minutes or more, many people report pain relief, emotional release, spiritual experiences, and more.

Singing bowl recordings can be a very helpful tool, but there is no comparison to the benefits of being in direct contact with the vibrations, whether in a sound bath session or playing your own bowl at home, for meditation, healing or simple enjoyment.

Healing Of Sound

~ Better Vibes for Better Living ~