Grateful Heart (2013) ...An enchanting, all acoustic collection of 14 songs, including: Grateful Heart, Breathe, The Love You've Always Known, Moment of Grace, This Love, It Comes Back Again, Hard Part, Over the Rainbow, Good Mother ... and more.

  • It Comes Back Again3:21
  • Hard Part4:16
  • The Love You've Always Known3:28

That's The Truth(2003) pulls the inspirational thread from Paula’s previous release, The Voice Inside, and weaves a rich musical tapestry. Original gems fit comfortably between fresh presentations of classics in this 13-song collection.  Her choice of songs written primarily in first person allows you to feel the songs as your personal stories while her clear, country-tinged vocals, grounded in sincerity hook you from beginning to end.  An easy listen and instant favorite.

The Voice Inside (2000) speaks to that place in the heart reserved for joy and reverence, reflecting Paula's personal spiritual growth and her continued dedication to lyrics which are profound in their directness and simplicity. 12 songs with a musical backdrop centered around acoustic instruments and a vocal style that is conversational and sincere, she invites you into each song as if she is speaking directly to you, or perhaps, for you. 

  • Love Has Found Us2:52
  • Desperado3:31
  • Only Your Grace3:46

Out From Under The Rock (1997), Paula Hawley's debut release, features 11 original songs. She easily incorporates elements from pop-country, folk, early rock and bluegrass. "Change of Heart" made it to the #1 on the Independent Country Singles chart. A bonus Christmas track makes this album a year-round favorite.

  • The Voice Inside4:42
  • Circle of Angels3:22
  • The Pearl4:13


Singer-Songwriter                                                         Healing Arts Practitioner   

  • Change Of Heart3:22
  • I Did It Again3:32
  • Can't Cut You Loose3:02

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