Healing Of Sound

~ Better Vibes for Better Living ~

We can use the basic chakra system to easily and quickly bring the whole body back into harmony.  And because quartz crystal (silicon dioxide) mirrors the crystalline structures in the human body, as we are moving from 3-D carbon based beings to 5-D crystal beings, sound waves generated by quartz crystal singing bowls exponentially increase the healing power of sound to re-tune our cells and bring us back to harmony and peace.

[Link to article about the shift from 3-D to 5-D and how it can make us feel out of sorts on every level.]

People who can see auric fields (the layers of energy fields surrounding our physical body) report specific colors associated with each of the major energy centers (chakras) seen along the midline of the body.  As shown in the picture above, the colors are depicted as Red in the root chakra, Orange in the sacral chakra, Yellow in the solar plexus chakra, Green in the heart chakra, Turquoise in the throat chakra, Indigo in the third eye (brow) chakra, Violet in the crown chakra.

Sound and color are related, in that they are both sine waves, just cycling at very different rates. Color is extremely fast compared to sound waves.

Just as each chakra is represented by a specific color, it is also known to have an affinity for a specific tone or note.  Root chakra is C; Sacral chakra is D; Solar plexus chakra is E; Heart chakra is F; Throat chakra is G; Third eye chakra is A; Crown chakra is B.  This is a simple guide for getting started with tuning your body by visualizing color and feeling sound.

It gets more interesting with quartz crystal singing bowls because the note from each bowl has overtones that are different notes.  And, even though each chakra seems to have an affinity for a particular note, so do each of our cells.  So one tone may be felt in many places as the sound waves weave and connect where they are needed.

Let's say you have some tension in your solar plexus, so you sit with a bowl tuned to the note E.  As you play it for a short while, you may notice your solar plexus begin to ease and you may also feel it in some way in various other places in your body.  Maybe your big toe tingles a bit, or your crown center expands, or an old pain decreases in another area.  The subtle and gentle, but powerful, sound waves are welcomed into the energy field and into the physical body to find the places that need re-tuning and get to work quickly to help relieve physical, mental, and emotional stress.

Sound Healing Using Chakra Basics

It's about WAY more than what your ears are hearing!

In 90 seconds or less, sound waves from quartz crystal singing bowls can calm the nervous system.

We are vibrational beings, and each cell has an affinity for a certain tone.  When we are fully healthy, the body is in perfect harmony with itself.

So many things and experiences we encounter in daily life can throw us out of tune.  As each day leads to more de-tuning, eventually we can become prone to accidents or negative thinking, detrimental habits, chronic illness, and all sorts of pains and maladies.